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Lexington, Kentucky Young Achievers

The Lexington, Kentucky Young Achievers program recognizes students in grade 5 and in grade 8.

Eryn Keenan
Lauren Oliver
Darius Rowe
Stephen Ewing
Hannah Yahr
LeAnn Khong
Emily O'Nan
Maian Jennings
Holden Whipple
Rylea Lewis
Victoria G. Lowe
Erin Stratton
Kathryn Winburn
Sophia Lawson
Emma Jinright
Karen Kimberly Castillo-Tellez
Brayden Mefford
Natalie Gardner
James Boyd
Sarah Hayden Clark
William Garrett Barr IV
Paula Jocelle Aguhob Glaser
Ethan Rodd
Abby Milner
Kyla Langford
Matthew Tuggle
Elizabeth Moore
Graham Michael Wilson
Taylor Marie Galavotti
Bennett Shrensker
Joon Woo Park
Andy Waters
Jackson Alejandro Gonzales
Helena Arjona
Grace Hensley
Charles M. Wilson
Kamilah Tyshae Ragland
Emma Harper
Alison Chrisco
Dallyn Nicole Newsome
Nathaniel Duncan Evans Sparks
Katherine Boyd
Brett Goble
Joshus Curry
Natalie Scolf
John Ang
Mikayla Day
Elena Joos
Tejaswini Sudhakar
Jovanna Lewis
Kacie Hughes
Wyatt Southall
Aaron Joseph Bussell
Claudia R. Terhune
William Feese
Courtney Nicole Bailey
Hunter J. Cole
Adarsh Chithrala

For information/nomination forms, contact:

Holifield Photography
171 Moore Drive
Lexington, KY 40503

The deadline for nominations is April 26.

Photographic Showcase exhibits of the Young Achievers are annually displayed in community and schools.


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